Changing the Face of Identity Recognition


Changing the Face of Identity Recognition

In today’s world of security and video surveillance, security and law enforcement personnel are required to manually monitor and review massive amounts of live and stored video in order to identify persons of interest. Current facial recognition systems can identify individuals only within the ideal conditions of passport-type images. The world of intelligent surveillance and security requires detection where video quality is often less than ideal due to poor camera position, lighting, weather and subject expression. Whether monitoring visitor access points and customer and employee entrances, or searching for intruders, predators or lost children, time is of the essence, in order to quickly identify a person of interest and take immediate and appropriate action.

EclipseIR™ has created a series of products based on proprietary technologies that are designed for the “imperfect world” of intelligent surveillance and analysis. EclipseIR™ products are designed as tools for users to monitor and rapidly search through live and stored video streams to detect and identify persons of interest, and to support the security personnel in making fast and informed decisions.

EclipseIR™ offers the most advanced suite of facial recognition products available so that users in Law enforcement, Commercial Security, and Social Media can enhance public safety, safeguard strategic Commercial Buildings, protect key personnel, identify intruders, and provide enhanced customer experience.

Powerful Facial Detection, Identity Recognition and Search

EclipseIR™ has developed world-class Facial Detection capabilities, whose key differentiator is the ability to detect facial and identity characteristics in adverse video conditions, often due to low-quality cameras, poor lighting, moving subjects, and partially visible faces. Moreover, the technology can detect multiple faces within a single video frame, often the case in security and surveillance environments. The system then matches detected faces to a database of persons of interest. In addition, the powerful engine can search and locate individuals within stored video streams. Using biometric analytics, the EclipseIR™ technology also provides the ability to search video streams to locate individuals based on personal characteristics, such as face color, height, and upper and lower body (clothes) color. These unique technologies provide real-world video forensics tools and are clear differentiators from competitive approaches.

Eclipse Identity Recognition Corporation
EclipseIR™ brings next-generation facial recognition and identity technologies to the real,
imperfect world of intelligent surveillance and video analysis for law enforcement, commercial
security, and business applications.